Real solutions for real challenges

Our goal is to create something more than just a package, a tagline or a website. We create meaningful experiences that inspire – stories that engage, products that surprise, tools that delight. And in turn, those experiences drive value – return on investment, effectiveness and efficiency, innovation and growth – for your business.

You inspire us

We believe that understanding people is the key to creating meaningful experiences. This comes from true listening; not just listening to what clients, consumers and users say, but what they mean. That’s the kind of deep insight that your business needs. It’s what inspires and drives our ideas for really amazing experiences.

All the talent, none of the ego

True story: we’ve had clients ask if they can come work for us. That’s how serious we take our client relationships. We think of our clients as partners and believe that working with Human Spark should be exciting, educational, wholly transparent, and even fun.

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Why do qualitative research? Because different people see the world differently, understand it differently, live in it differently, feel differently, behave differently, and have different needs. Chances are you see things a little differently from many of your customers. But these differences are hard to detect unless you look for them. Human Spark's research team is dedicated to finding these differences, and for highlighting opportunities for creating understanding between organizations and those they serve. Shared understanding is the basis of great products and great brands. It feels good to be understood.

  • Ethnographic research
  • User/customer segmentation and personas
  • Experience analysis and modeling
  • Co-design
  • Design and concept testing

What is experience strategy? Or, more specifically, how does it differ from business strategy? They're closely related, but not the same. A business strategy outlines a plan for helping an organization reach its goals. But reaching that goal usually involves the participation of people (for instance, customers) who know little or nothing about this strategy. An experience strategy is a plan for winning this participation. It requires a deep understanding of the organization's business strategy, of all the people involved, of the environment in which the experience takes place, and of the possibilities of design.

    • Brand strategy
    • Innovation strategy
    • Communication strategy
    • Experience strategy
    • Identity strategy


How do consumers experience your products and services? Have you captivated them on the shelf, in the product, online, through service or at the trade show? Will they recommend your brand to someone else? We work with your teams to create the artifacts that bring your brand to life and delight your customers and consumers.

  • Product design
  • Packaging design
  • Interaction design
  • Communication design
  • Mobile app design
  • Service design
  • Environment design
  • Trade show design