The photos we feature on our website aim to capture the human spark we see in the every day world.

Human Spark isn't just our name. It's a term that refers to spontaneous innovation. It's the way people adapt their objects and their environment to express themselves and fulfill their needs. We find this human spark infinitely inspiring and a source of great value for our clients.

Love Locks

Love Locks
Young couples show their love for each other by locking a pair of padlocks to public structures.

Photographer: hojusaram

Indian Delivery Truck

Delivery Truck
Travel through India, and you are sure to run across these colorful vehicles that have been altered by their owners.

Photographer: Brandon Johnson


We may appear alone in a crowd when we use online social media, but flashmobs demonstrate people's intense desire to share experiences and connect in meaningful ways.

Photographer: Christian Lendl